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German application guide for pupils and students
A personal guide to help you get any apprenticeship, gap year, dual work and study
program or a place at a university or internship. 

Original title: "Die ersten Bewerbungen für Schüler und Studierende: Ein persönlicher Ratgeber für Ausbildung, Gap-Jahr, (Duales) Studium und Praktika"

This guide supports both graduates and current students with all the relevant job application phases they might be faced with. The guide deals specifically and in detail with the different application processes and situations. As well as supporting the reader with their job orientation process, this guidebook discusses the various options for starting a career, internships, gap years, apprenticeships, dual work and study programs and how to start studying. The book captures, in a nutshell, everything a young person needs to know to succeed in their first job application. The author's tips and personal experiences with training and coaching are particularly valuable. 

This is the right book for any reader who wants support and advice for applications that will go well beyond the basics.

The book's content

  • Mental preparation
  • Successful job orientation
  • General information about the application documents
  • General information about the application process
  • Specific application situations during school time
  • Application for a gap year - precious time out
  • Specific application situations after school graduation
  • Specific application situations during studies

This book is only available in German and is dedicated to the German speaking market.

SPRINGER, 2019, ISBN: 978-3658262143